What is the Average cost of Veneers? 

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Do you want an ever-wonderful smile despite the defect of teeth, genetic white or yellow spots, and incoherent teeth? Veneers mask the front teeth or just a front tooth, and thus you remedy this with a flawless smile. So what is the average cost of Veneers Turkey? You will learn the details in this guide.

The average cost of veneer

Since veneers are not a clinically necessary treatment, they are an aesthetic alternative. So there is usually no cost coverage by statutory health insurance. However, if you have complimentary dental insurance, this cosmetic medication is not constantly covered.

Usually, the cost of the veneers is to be borne by the patient. The average cost per tooth can range from 300 to 500 1,500.

So conventional veneers cost € 900 to € 1,500 per tooth, lumineers / non-prep veneers cost € 700 to € 1,000 per aperture. On the other hand, veneers-to-go / instant veneers cost 300 to € 400 per aperture.

Cost of Veneers: It depends on the method 

The cost of veneers various and varies depending on the method used. Which veterinarian your dentist will use will depend on:

  • Your desires
  • The extent of your misaligned teeth
  • Scar of your teeth
  • Number of your deficiencies in the teeth

Also, the equipment used reduces or increases the expense for your veneers.

The first method: conventional veneer 

With conventional veneers, the dentist usually removes a certain layer (about 1 mm) of substance from the teeth of the upper jaw to give you a perfect white smile. Teeth grinding (preparation) is less in the lower jaw.

 This is because the lower jaw plays a subordinate role in the desire for straight, white tooth cosmetics. This is followed by the production of ready-made tooth impressions and veneer in the laboratory. Your dentist will then stick the veneer permanently to your anterior clay teeth with special glue.

Method 2: Non-prep veneers/luminaires

 If your visible teeth are minimal, surface, and light in color, a more modern non-prep veneer, also known as a luminaire, is used. As the name implies, your teeth are not prepared during this procedure, as they do not fall to the ground.

After taking an idea, the dental technician creates special ceramics for your teeth in the dental laboratory. Your dentist will then stick the lumineers permanently to your teeth with special glue.

Method 3: Going to veneer/instant veneer

Innovative methods for instant veneers enable an adjustment in just one session. The dentist provides you with instant veneer for your defective front teeth at a relatively low cost.

 Standardized veneer templates match your faded front teeth or incorrectly aligned teeth at a one-time dentist session. This eliminates the cost of laboratory and dental technicians, reducing your new, beautiful smile.

Conclusion: So what is the average cost of veneers? It’s hard to say precisely. Because the cost of veneers depends on the number of teeth of the patient, still an average cost we told you, hopefully, the article would be adequate to you.

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