Do Veneers ruin your Natural Teeth?

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We all want a bright smile. However, most of the time, it is bound by slight misalignment and discoloration of the teeth, and we avoid laughing with too much heart. Veneers are a great way to enhance the impression of your teeth. However, do veneers ruin your natural teeth? In the guide below, you will learn everything in detail.

What kind of veneer is there? Advantages – Disadvantages 

A veneer is a thin sheet that covers the front of your teeth. It is an aesthetic treatment that works to hide flaws in the color of the teeth or the flaws in them.

There are two kinds of veneers: compound and lithium desiccate. Compound veneers are made with a synthetic resin that sticks to the teeth and is molded and worked on the teeth themselves. This is indicated when there is a small inconsistency in the teeth.

This is an economical solution while recovering the field is not small or too wide and the veneer can be placed quickly, in one session. All teeth have to be completed individually, and sometimes, the actual tooth has to be reattached.

Lithium desiccate veneers are made with a stronger and more resistant ceramic material. This type of recovery is indicated for those who have a more serious condition such as a broken tooth, a large area for recovery, or a split between teeth.

The procedure needs two visits to the dentist: the first is to make a mold. The next is to be laid with resin cement. Several pieces are put together. This is a costly choice, although the color is more realistic. The composite veneer is less durable and loses color, requiring subsequent touch-ups.

 However, lithium desiccates veneers are more durable and can be retained for as long as needed and then removed without risk. Dental veneers are reversed when the error is too severe to correct or the tooth is practically destroyed. There are other more effective options.

Dental enamel is damaged, such as bruxism, teeth have to be carved and it can be destroyed. When the fault is hidden because of the cavity, the veneers simply hide the origin and can exacerbate the situation.

Do they damage teeth? 

A dental veneer is a thin layer of compound or lithium desiccate that sticks to the tooth to improve dental abnormalities or defects. The location of the veneers varies depending on the material selected.

The compound veneers are glued directly to the teeth, and the dentist engraves resin to look natural, in which case the teeth or gums are not damaged. To place the lithium desiccate veneer, once it is made in the laboratory, the dentist will probably need to wrap the enamel or teeth will need to be carved to adhere to the veneer more accurately.

In this case, It will depend on the situation of the actual tooth. The smile may appear more natural. Also, if the teeth are bad, except for gaps or uneven, the carving has been over and some damage the teeth. However, it will be aesthetic damage that needs to be repaired with the installation of the veneer.

Can Veneers Be Removed and Renewed?

A dental veneer is a tiny covering of lithium desiccate or composite that sticks to the outer tooth. The materials used and regular oral care allow this treatment to last for many years and give an improved smile.

However, it may be that the infection occurs under the treated tooth, requiring the patient to place an orthodontist or decide to remove it. In this case, the veneer can be removed; although teeth or enamel may need to be engraved, it may not have the same appearance.

Another option is if a veneer breaks, looking at the look we have left, or it has deteriorated, we are unsure whether to touch or renew it? Composite veneers usually require renewal 5 or 6 years after their placement.

However, lithium desiccate veneers cannot be renewed. Therefore, if they are damaged, it is best to remove them and replace them with a new one.

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Conclusion: So do veneers ruin your natural teeth? This is not entirely correct. Because veneers don’t do much harm to your teeth, you just need to take care of your teeth.

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